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Metal Roof Shingles
The roof of your house is one of the most important aspects of your home’s construction. It protects you and your family from the elements and also helps maintain all the other components of the building including the windows and the sides. With this knowledge, it is vital to consider the most durable and practical material for your roof. Copper Works Canada supplies homes in Toronto and the GTA with strong, attractive metal roof shingles that include numerous benefits to a homeowner.
Benefits of Metal Roof Shingles
Living in Canada, it is important that the roofs of our homes are resistant and durable in the face of extremely harsh weather conditions. Metal roof shingles are able to withstand higher winds (mile per hour) than materials such as asphalt. Metal shingles are also resistant to rain, snow and hail, making them ideal for a Canadian structure. In addition, metal reflects sunlight, reducing midday heat in the summer and ultimately leading to lower cooling costs and higher energy efficiency.
Metal roof shingles weight only one seventh of what asphalt roof shingles weight, making them easier to install. The process will also be quicker as the material is not heavy. This will save time and money on labor costs. And due to their durable nature, the need to spend money on maintenance will be reduced or eliminated. Furthermore, the lightweight quality results in less strain on the house structure. Shingles can also be placed directly over existing roofing material, minimizing time and effort in installation.
Not only will a homeowner save money on labor costs, metal roof shingles are non-combustible and are given a Class A fire rating. This helps result in low insurance premiums. Brick and steel combined make a home extremely resistant to the threat of fire, thus increasing your family’s safety.
Attractive and Appealing
While metal roof shingles are practical, they are also stylish and come in a wide variety of options. This allows a homeowner to be selective in how they want their home to look. In addition, Copper Works Canada can tie the entire exterior of your home together by implementing a full outdoor guttering system that matches perfectly with your roof. Copper Works Canada specializes in outdoor plumbing and can install the most effective eavestroughs to match a metal roof. A cohesive look will enhance the curbside appeal of your home, increasing its’ overall value. In addition, Copper Works Canada specializes in decorative ornaments and finials to add a unique individuality and creative look to your home.
Copper Works Canada can install an attractive metal roof to your home that is cost-efficient and durable in the face of the elements. Call Copper Works Canada at 905-831-6434.

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